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Sander's Diary~


9/2/10 06:38 pm - Livejournal huh?

I think it might be time to actually start using this again. I will be using it to post certain updates about a certain person.

To be a little less cryptic: Joyce is pregnant!

11/10/09 06:48 pm - So, this blogging thing...

I decided to give it another go, I don't really have anything interesting to tell you about my life lately, thought it's been great, I have nothing that special to report. I've still been secretly reading all your blogs.

So I figured, I'd like to write something here anyway. So since I work in customer service (T-Mobile), I'd write down funny, weird, absurd or entertaining on a regular basis here. Though sometimes slightly exaggerated, are based fully on truth.

Sometimes I have to deal with the stupidity of people, the ignorant, the bold and the downright assholes. The last ones are a fun group to deal with. I am rather witty, and nothing really throws me off. This led to the next conversation:

Me>> T-Mobile Business, how may I help you?
Customer>> Yeah, it seems I've no range, I am not able to make calls, is anything wrong?

This is my job, something is wrong, I figure out what it is, I help them correct it. So to get started I ask for either his account number, or mobile phone number. A quick look at his account led me to:

Me>> Thank you sir.
Me>> It seems you've been late with some payments.
Me>> As it stands, currently, you're behind on three payments.
Customer>> So, you can do something about this?
Me>> Well, I am afraid there is little I can do.
Me>> If you wish to make outgoing calls again, you'll have to pay, that which is due.
Customer>> How can you expect me to do business like this? [b]I am unable to call my clients![/b]

Funny, I never made any insinuations.

Me>> I can give you all the information required, to fix this rather unfortunate problem within a few hours.
Customer>> [b]I don't have a few hours![/b]
Me>> Look sir, there is nothing I can do to speed this process up, this is all I can do.
Customer>> I figured a punk like you wouldn't understand, I want to talk to someone in charge.

What? Understand what, exactly? Seeing as how he is already pissed off, I rather be a little careful here:

Me>> Understand what, exactly?
Customer>> This is no way to do business, it's not like when my clients miss a payment, I kick them out of my database.
Me>> Granted, but you're behind on [b]3[/b] payments.
Customer>> This is no way to deal professionally with your clients.

Yeah, he's behind on 3 payments, pissed off there were repercussions. And we are the unprofessional ones?

Me>> Sir, we've already given you two seperate notifications, regarding the current state of affairs.
Customer>> You are going to fix this!
Me>> Fix what, exactly?
Customer>> When I hang up, I will be able to use my cell phone again, or I will cancel my entire account!

(If I had a nickle every time I heard that...)

Me>> So let me see if I understand this correctly.
Me>> You are using a service we provide for you. You agreed, that there would be monthly payments.
Me>> When you missed the last three payments, we were [i]professional[/i] enough, to sent you notifications.
Me>> However, there was no response.
Me>> So, as a repercussion, we blocked your outgoing calls.
Me>> In short, you didn't pay for the service you wanted to use, so the service was suspended.
Customer>> I thought a punk like you wouldn't understand.
Me>> So when I refuse to pay my bills, I should complain about not having hot water?
Customer>> ....

A small pause, you could hear him think. He's probably going to try a different angle (they always do).

Customer>> [b]I've been a customer for almost 10 years now![/b]
Customer>> I deserve to be treated better!

A quick check, yes he's been a customer for just over 8 years. This also wasn't the first time he's been late on his payments. Nice.

Customer>> And because of that, you should cut me some slack!
Me>> I've been going to the same supermarket for the past 7 years.
Me>> If I forget my wallet, do you think they will let me walk out of the store with a full cart?
Customer>> .... I want to talk to your supervisor.
Me>> I'm afraid that's not going to happen sir.
Customer>> Fine, then I am canceling my account.

And he hangs up.

I checked his account next morning, the money was in. The following few weeks I tracked the account. No cancel request came in. Aparantly, he's been more mellow to my colleagues. (Judging by the call logs anyway).

See, these conversations can go a few ways:

A) You own up to not paying in time, you ask how you can quickly deal with it and you pay.

We're cool. You're man enough to own up to it, suck it up and deal with it properly. I like you.

B) You don't own up to not paying in time. Find some excuse. You still request my help and I do.

I'm Cool. You're looking for excuses, but that won't change a thing. At least you didn't bitch about it. You paid and everything is fine again. Not so much with the liking.

C) You don't own up to not paying in time. You call customer service to bitch about not being able to call anymore.

You're an asshole (I am still cool though). Try as you might, the same rules apply to you, as they do to anyone else. You're not special, and there's nothing you can say to change it. I love you, because you gave me one hell of an awesome phone call. (I love being witty).

Yeah, people who are bitch because they believe themselves to be special. Please keep on bitching. You make my day.
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9/15/09 07:20 pm - So, update..

I know nothing new as of yet. Had a few tests done, but the neurologist didn't have anything new for me.

So friday I have to go back and have an MRI done.

Dreading this....

9/2/09 10:14 am - Fuck

It's hopefully nothing.

I check in with my docter yesterday, had some odd complaints. He refered me to a neurologist.


Appointment is in two weeks.

Hopefully it's nothing

I am scared...

8/18/09 06:59 pm

The Mexican Flu is HIGHLY overrated.

7/9/09 05:42 pm - Society, or something like it.

We all know how society works right?

There's a whole bunch of laws that dictate to a certain degree what we can, or can not do. These are written down, black on white. Nothing anyone can do about it (we can do something about it, but that's not my point here).

But equally important, if not, more important. Are the "unwritten laws". Or better said, human behavior. For example, there is no law against cutting in line in a supermarket, there is no law that says you cannot scream as loud as you can in a bypasser's ear, you cannot spit on the side walk, etc ,etc.

The people within a community/society dictates these unwritten rules, anyone who acts differently is usually regarded as anti-social. It has everything to do with how we treat people. Do unto others, as you would have them, do unto you.

Or in layman's terms: Act like an ass, expect to be treated as an ass.

Where am I going with all this?


Some American professor, did some research into a MMORPG. What he did was, go out of his way to annoy/harrass the players within this game as much as he possibly can, without breaking the laws of the game (EULA).

in other words, he made a complete ass out of himself, and was shocked to find out, he got treated like an ass.

Various debates were sparked, but my original point stands: The people in a community dictate the unwritten laws, and this professor clearly ignored them. Basically he was being completely ant-social, even if it was, in an online game.

To his amazement, people acted like people.

But what amazes me the most, he got like a funding for this for several years. Getting paid, to make an ass out of yourself, for several years, playing a game.

Time and money well spend, I am sure.

7/1/09 07:41 am - yay! :D

So Joyce and me finally got our house. 10th of July we get the key and somewhere in the week after that, we'll start our moving :)

6/16/09 10:06 am

We're busy hunting for a house!. We got an invite last week, sadly we didn't get selected.

We're not letting it discourage us and keep on looking. I figure, sooner or later we'll get what we deserve :)

6/9/09 09:47 am - Cricket? I care not.

So Adam,

Aparantly England got their asses handed by the Dutch in cricket.


6/5/09 10:26 am - European BULLSHIT

I would like to congratulate all the people (from the Dutcherlands) for the victory of PVV. I would like to thank all the people who voted for Wilders.

This man hasn't had a SINGLE creative idea or solution for any of the problems he so outrageously protests against. You voted for a person who brutally abused a rape victim for his own personal gain. You voted for a man who gets off on media atention, a man who can only bitch and whine about everything, but hasn't had a single thought about actually SOLVING something.

And please, don't come bitch to me because I didn't vote. There is NO point what so ever voting for a party that has my interests at heart, when there will be members of a party sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THEM with complete opposite interests.

There's this whole bitchfest going on saying people who don't vote are stupid and have to put up with the disicion of people who did vote.


The percentage of people who didn't vote is larger than the percentage of people who did vote because, WE FUCKING DISAGREE WITH THE CURRENT AFAIRS OF BUSINESS. Not to mention how JP Balkende FAILS to be a leader, now dodging the visit of the Dalai Llama because there might be a Chinese lobby up his ass. Do you seriously think a land as huge and thriving as China has ANY interest in the Netherlands at all?

Politics is a fucking joke, I am not proud of my country, and when I had to vote I could choose between different evils.

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